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What really matters is to keep drawing

Hi, I'm Carol from @carolmidorii_letters.

It's a pleasure to be on Higgins' Drawing Team this year, and I would like to share some thoughts with you!

Before we even learned to read and write, we started to draw. This was our first form of expression and communication. As children, we expressed our feelings, thoughts, and emotions through drawing.

As we grew up, drawing may have seemed childish because we learned how to express ourselves in other ways. That joy of doodling and coloring loses space in our lives to so many other everyday tasks. But for a moment, close your eyes and imagine a child's drawing, without the obligation to be perfect, without the responsibility to make sense. Yes, that child was once you! Why did you stop having those moments? At what point did you leave your creative playground?

If I could give one sage piece of advice, it would be this: let your inner child have fun! Drawing and creativity bring several benefits that help in our day to day lives, in our relationships, and in our personal development.

The act of drawing awakens our emotions and makes us more alive.

You might be asking, where do I begin?

Start as a child, draw what your heart desires, get inspired by little things. Take a few minutes each day, and as you practice, evolution comes. Imagine what you want to draw, get paper, pencils, an eraser, and have fun. There are no rules, just you being who you are, connecting with yourself, with your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. With one scribble and another, then another, your creativity will flow. Let yourself feel joy in the act of creating, that joy will become a skill, and something incredible will be in front of you, and you won't even believe you did it.

To take the first steps, you need to let go of your fear, trust your creative process, don't get discouraged, don't give up.

I love looking back at my own journey and seeing how far my drawing has evolved. I think you'll value that, too. So give it a try, enjoy yourself, and let your inner child have fun again. Getting out of our comfort zone is to give creativity and intelligence a chance to manifest. Believe that everything you discover about yourself is incredible when you dare to do something out of the ordinary. We are at the beginning of the October Ink Challenge. Take a chance and have fun!

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Lloyd Prudence
Lloyd Prudence
05 de mai. de 2023

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