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Higgins Ink Celebrates Inktober!

Prompts! Get your drawing prompts here!
It's dangerous to draw alone, take this!

Higgins Ink is excited to share a prompt list for artists interested in participating in this year's Inktober!

For the uninitiated, renowned artist Jake Parker founded the tradition in 2009 to brush up on his illustration skills, and ten years later it has taken the world by storm! Inktober is easy and fun to do: for the month of October, draw a thing a day using inks/pens! Traditionally you draw one thing per day, but you can participate as frequently as you can/want. By the end of the month, you should have enough work to either make a book, or showcase your artistic progress over 31 short days! Inktober is about challenging yourself to be creative, develop creative habits and sharpen your skills in a fun, community-oriented way.

We here at Higgins wish to help contribute to this year's festivities by offering our own list, as well as working with and showcasing other artists who are participating!

Be sure to check out the one word suggestions, draw your entry and post it using the following hashtags! We might see it and share it on our social media channels.

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