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Red Solo Cup with Cranberry Juice

Is this a random title ... or is it deep? My name is Peterson J Guerrier, and I am a multidisciplinary artist. I like to use obscure titles to help the viewer create their own perception of my work. Instead of clearly sharing the story behind my art -- I prefer the viewer to create their own perception.

So I have a Red Solo Cup -- what do you assume is in that cup? It could be something unexpected. Reality is not what we see when we look out our window. It is the world we are within- the ethereal forces that mold our lives and, consequently, shape our world.

As a teen, I loved movies and books -- two different art forms -- two separate mediums -- left brain or right brain. All I ever wanted was to be an artist, yet I’ve always loved words.

While wandering through the isle of an old bookstore, I opened this book about advertising in 1938. It hit me I could make my own choice and combine the two mediums. Words can easily be translated into art! I like to take words k and run with them until I develop something new. I feel the only way to express my thoughts and messages is through these drawings in the paint. My pen or brush adds mystique and wonder to everyday words.

During this Inktober, I am exploring how art is a reflection of our reality. Probing the tensions and contradictions of human existence. What is in that red solo cup? Is it empty or brimming over? My expression is about giving old wisdom new life, challenging perceptions. Being aware is not the same as being conscious, just as abstraction sometimes grants the possibility of truth.

How do you feel when you see these portraits above? Do you recognize one of them? Does she look like your mom? Is she your neighbor walking down the street? Is she a stranger you have never seen before? Are you sure about who she is?

So I have a portrait of Malcolm X -- that is not a quiet statement, or is it? Is he contemplating a new idea, reading the newspaper, or just taking a calming breath before speaking. You decide?

My name is Peterson J Guerrier and I 'am a mul·ti·dis·ci·pli·nar·y artist.

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