Can Higgins Ink Be Used for Tattoos?

We do not recommend using any of our Higgins inks for tattooing. We do not manufacture these inks to be used in the body and therefor we cannot guarantee that they are sterile or safe to use for tattooing; improper usage may result in infection or allergic reaction. We understand many tattoo enthusiasts recommend using our inks for DIY or Stick and Poke tattoos, however, we do not support that recommendation.

Can Higgins Inks Be Mixed to Create New Colors?

Yes, our inks can be mixed with one another to create a large range of color options.

Do Inks Expire?

Higgins inks last a long time.  However, various storage conditions may affect the properties of your ink.  Extreme temperature conditions and loosely closed caps may cause evaporation over time and change the characteristics of your ink.

Which Higgins Products are Vegan?

Higgins Pen Cleaner is a vegan product.

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