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3 Things I Learned During the Higgins Inks Challenge

by Hannah Betzel

1. Just start the drawing

Perhaps the biggest challenge when taking part in any type of challenge in life is not the challenge itself but getting started on the challenge every single day. This is the hard part. By accepting a challenge, we are already saying we can do the work; the work itself is often the easy part. The challenge comes from forming self-discipline and learning how to motivate and encourage ourselves. My big motivation when tackling the Higgins Ink Challenge was reminding myself I am capable. My affirmation (or mantra) became, “I completed this challenge as soon as I accepted it. It is already done in my mind, I only need to put it on paper.”


2. Have a reason (or two) for completing a challenge

Having a reason for accepting a challenge is one of the most important elements to have in place before you start. I wanted to continue practicing and improving my life drawing skills so most of my drawings were daily things from my life. Lunch, leaves we found on a walk, what I carried along when watching my kids at tennis lessons. All of the life drawings I did not only helped sharpen my skills but also helped to cement memories in my mind. I have a visual reference to what we experienced most days and looking back at the drawings already brings back moments that surely would’ve been whisked away with the winds.


3. Be flexible

Ink is permanent and mistakes are absolutely, without a doubt, going to happen. It can be an intimidating aspect of working with inks! The thing I noticed though, is that most mistakes aren’t cause for total ruin. Learning to go with the flow is actually pretty liberating once you let go of trying to create perfection. Character comes from that personal touch; seeing the artist’s hand in the drawing. Learning to let go of perfection makes space for broader growth and ease.

Thanks so much for reading along! The Higgins Inks Challenge has been a blast. I’ve been tired at my drawing table and I’ve been energized and everything in between and I’d recommend taking on a 30 day drawing challenge to anyone!


Happy inking!

Hannah Betzel

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