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Cheers to October 2022 and The Magic of Ink!

Updated: Sep 18

For the past 3 years Higgins Inks has celebrated Jake Parker's Inktober, with our own month long ink drawing challenge as a way to support and challenge artists to grow and develop their talent and skills. The goal was to make art in ink every day throughout the month of October, along with millions of artists world-wide, and sharing artwork on social media.

This year we had the privilege of hosting a drawing team made up of 11 incredibly talented and prolific artists, some returning members and some new! Each of them has worked diligently and passionately towards our collective goal.

Here is a collection of their favorite artworks from their month long journey of drawing:

Ashley Bravin @ashleybravin

Jessica Donnelly @jessicadonnelly.artist

Katie Harmon @pinkpolishdesign

Pat Higgins @phiggins80

Amanda Putnam @aputnam_illustration

RJQuiralta @rjquiralta

Evan Jamie River @bloodstonetattoos

Marnie Simmons @marnielynnsart

Nora Thompson @norathompson_

Adele Twing @adeletwingart

Hannah Van Essendelft @hgve_art

Thank you again to each of our artists for sharing your talent with us, your commitment to the challenge and your support of Higgins Inks! We are so honored to have called you our 2022 Higgins Artists Team!

Be sure to follow these artists on Instagram and we hope to see you again next year!

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