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Inktober Should Not Be an Artistic Death Sentence

With Inktober coming to a close, many artists are now feeling heavy pressure to finish the challenge as strongly as they started. The end of the challenge is the most daunting since art block and burnout are creeping around the corner to prevent you from finishing strong. Inktober is not an artistic death sentence or the way creativity dies but rather seen as a test of skills, endurance, and a month to challenge yourself to push past your comfort zone. It is a month where all artists come together to support one another as a community and celebrate a year of growth and see your artistic improvement.

Finding ways to keep your art block and burnout at bay is extremely important to finish the challenge strong. One way that works best for me is to start to sketch the prompt list a little early. A head start is an amazing step to allow your creativity to flourish unrestrained from the pressure.

When sitting down to draw for the prompt list, try to support a sense of inner peace and an open mind.

A closed mind will prevent ideas from flowing and allowing you to create art that is a source of pride. I find that selecting a prompt list unfamiliar to you or one that seems the most fun is a good way to make sure you do not get burnt out during the challenge. You want to feel challenged this year and create a strong composition of ideas for the month, and having a good prompt list can be an easy aid to finish Inktober strong. Every artist has different methods to remain headstrong on these challenges. Don't be afraid to find methods that best suit you!

Inktober is not an artistic death sentence since it is meant to drive you out of your comfort zone as an artist. Inktober can be unfamiliar, but that is the entire point of the challenge. It is used to promote growth as an artist and to view your use of concepts, color palettes, compositions, and so many more elements of your art.

I suggest staying out of your comfort zone this Inktober, and try to follow through with all challenges. You may be surprised at what you can do! Showcase your artistic skills at their peak.

Comfortability could be the death of all creativeness, and your art can maintain a mundane feeling. Find ways throughout the challenge to remain uncomfortable. You will do your best work if you continue to strive for growth. Change cannot happen in a stunted environment, and the same concept is used in art. This is the month to see your development as an artist and celebrate these changes in your art. Resist pressure regarding posting or how "well" your art is technically. Find a schedule that works the best for you to post your work, create a specific number of bodied work, and stay paced during this challenge.

It took me a long time to understand that Inktober is not about the aspects of social media or gaining recognition during a prime time of the year. October is the check-in period for artists to showcase skills they are most proud of and the steps they took along the way to get there. October is not the season where artists should be condemned to die creatively, but rather to celebrate growth, change, accomplishments, and to uplift others in the community.

Inktober is not an artistic death sentence, but rather a moment to be proud of the steps, dedication, practice, and confidence it took for you, the artist, to get to where you are currently.

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