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Everyone in the Ink Pool!

It is the beginning of Inktober week 2 and you are still here! For you seasoned pros out there, you are just warming up. Maybe this is your first year, or you have been seeing all of the cool ink posts on social media and you want to jump in the Inktober pool.

I am honored to be on this year's Higgins Inks Drawing Team. I grew up with Higgins Inks and have been using them for 40 years! Ink is my primary sketch and painting medium that I use for my daily sketchbook and when I am out and about Urban Sketching on location, so participating in Inktober is not intimidating for me. However, for anyone feeling that they need a boost here are some survival tips to motivate and help you reach the end of the month.

1) There are no rules, anything goes with Inktober posts. Simply use some kind of Ink whether it be pens, bottled, markers, or washes with a brush. Many artist create digital ink artwork now. Your painting or sketch does not have to be black ink, and you can use other mediums with the ink.

2) Make this your daily mantra: COMPARISON IS THE THIEF TO JOY. Enjoy the Zen of making lines and do your own thing. Try something new to get out of your comfort zone and do not worry about whether it is "good enough," a blank page remains blank until you make a mark, any mark!

3) Have a plan, prompt lists are easily found online and are a good way to stay focused and challenged. Don't feel that you need to stick to any

one list, and certainly feel free to do your own thing.

4) Feeling pressed for time? Have an honest talk with yourself. If you have time for social media then you have time for daily sketching! True story.

5) Create a hashtag for your Inktober posts. At the end of the month it is great to go back and see your sketches. You will be surprised to see your progress and improvement from daily sketching.

6) The best and final tip to stay motivated. It takes a village: get your friends involved, host a sketch party, mess up your dining room table like mine in the post photo above. It is very inspiring to share supplies, tips, and good times. Find a sketch buddy online and send "you can do it" messages now and then. Challenges are much easier and more enjoyable when shared with other artists.

Now get off your phone and go sketch. You got this!

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