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Fall Down the Inktober Rabbit Hole

It is finally here, Day One of Inktober 2020! The best part of the year is now when artists from all over the World create artwork in unison. You may

feel bombarded with prompt lists, are fretting about art supplies and generally uneasy about sharing your Inktober creations. Guess What? So is everyone else! There are no rules, no judging and this is not a competition, anything goes.

It helps to have a plan, prompt lists can set you on a path and keep you inspired, or you can make your own unique path. Choosing a theme that interests you can keep you on the October Month Long drawing wagon. Inktober is the perfect time to challenge yourself and move outside your art comfort zone, remember there are no rules. You can use any type of ink, both fountain and disposable pens, quills, markers and any type of surface like paper and canvas. A page stays blank until you make a mark, any mark. Everyone is an artist, so let's get started....grab your ink and jump down the Inktober Rabbit Hole! Happy Sketching.

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