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Inktober Remembered: YOU MADE IT!

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you made it to November, and have completed another year of Inktober. Huzzah to you!

Inktober has a way of making October both fly by and slow down in the best ways. We were fortunate enough to have nearly 20 artists participate in our Higgins Drawing Team this year, and we cannot be more appreciative for their time and talent.

Our friends at Thalo will be producing a few articles and other pieces of content to help celebrate their efforts, so be sure to check out the following social media handles for those updates:

Higgins Ink Instagram: @higginsinks

Thalo Website:

Thalo Instagram: @thaloart

Be sure to share your work using the appropriate hashtags (#higginsinktober2019, #inktober2019, #thaloart) so we can see your work (and also feel free to tag us in any work you have coming up)!

Thanks again, and be sure to visit as we will be continuing creating new content for this blog in the upcoming months.

Take care,

The Higgins Ink Team

Inktober Reaper is proud of you!
Day 31: Grim Reaper

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