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It ain’t over till it’s over!

It happens every year.

I have the best of intentions. I get excited. I have a plan. I psych myself up. I start off strong

And then I miss a day. But I can make that up. And I make that up. But then I miss another day… And one more. And then one more.

I love Inktober.

But every year I end up not finishing. I draw all month, but I don’t draw from the prompts anymore. I draw nearly every day always.

And, that’s the most important part of Inktober to me anyway. To draw. To just do it. To have fun. And I do that all year long.

Im very lucky to have a job in which I get to make art for a living.

I tattoo at Blueprint Gallery in Hadley, Mass.

Its a dream job.

Its Inktober all year here! A different prompt every day.

This year though, Im promising myself to finish the official prompt list even if it takes me until next October.

There‘s no reason October should have all the fun!

This ain’t over, Inktober!

This ain‘t over!



(Do NOT use @higginsinks ink for tattooing! It isn’t made for it and you’d be risking some serious health issues if you did poke some non-tattoo ink into your skin and blood. All of the tattoos you see here and any tattoo you see me create is made with ink from companies that make specifically ink for the sole purpose of tattooing.)


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