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Coming Soon: October Drawing Challenge

Last year was the first time we've celebrated Jake Parker's Inktober. If you aren't familiar with what Inktober is we can give you a short synopsis. Jake started Inktober in 2009 as a way to challenge himself to make art in ink every day throughout October. Since then, millions of artists world-wide participate in the event and share their work on social media.

We've had so much fun last year with everyone who joined us that we're celebrating a month of ink again. We're hosting a new drawing team made up of 10 artists to inspire you and keep you motivated. There will be new giveaways, prompts, and products we'll feature to help you along your drawing journey.

How do I do the October Drawing Challenge with Higgins?

Great Question! The goal is to create one ink drawing a day for the 31 days of October. You can choose to work off a prompt list, create serial work, or come up with your own plan. Anyone can participate! Choose to do the full challenge of 31 drawings in 31 days, the half challenge of 1 drawing every other day for 31 days, or the part-time challenge of 1 drawing a week. Drawing ink is the media of choice for the month, but you can also add in markers, paint, mixed media, or whatever you choose. The point of the program is to challenge yourself to draw more this month; do whatever it takes to get you there!

We're kicking off the month with a drawing prompt list to get your creative juices flowing. You may choose to use our list and these prompts in any order, or you may choose to do your own thing. We'll be inspiring you on your drawing journey with blog posts from our Higgins October drawing team, and host giveaways during the month. Post your work on social media and use the hashtags #HigginsInkChallenge and #HigginsInks to share your work with us on Instagram (@higginsinks)!

We're looking forward to seeing your work, hearing about your experience, and helping you strengthen your drawing skills. We'll be introducing our drawing team in the next post. Cheers to October and the magic of ink!


Lana Boyle

Creative Director at Chartpak, parent company of Higgins


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