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One Month to Challenge Yourself!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

by Carol Midori

Sometimes the hardest part of a project is just getting started. Creativity is a lot like a muscle: if you work it, it will grow and develop, getting stronger with each exercise.

Don't put too much pressure on yourself to create something amazing from the start. Don't worry about failure, or worry about necessarily creating something you can use. Just start and go from there.

Creativity is not to be confused with talent, skill or intelligence. Being creative is thinking, exploring, discovering and imagining.

We are creative whenever rules are not enough to achieve a desirable result, it comes from each of us and our interactions with life and our surroundings.

What happens when you don't have creativity? Creative block. The creative block is a tricky barrier, especially when we're in a hurry. Finding good ideas for drawing doesn't come so easily for some. Ideas either come naturally or don't show up.

Creative block will wash you into thinking it's not for you. You will possibly find that you hate drawing. You will find that drawing is only for the talented.

For beginners in drawing, have no doubts: you will consider giving up. But if drawing is exciting for you, giving up is not an option! Blank paper (or computer screen – or whatever medium you work in) can be intimidating.

If you're struggling to draw and nothing is coming, you might need to relax. Don't force it. Focus your energy on something you like. The best ideas come during break times. Sometimes we have to give it time.

Relax and enjoy the art journey of being creative, even when it doesn't come so easily. And most importantly don't give up, one step at a time, one stroke at a time, and ideas will come and you'll create something amazing!!! Yes I believe in it and I will love to see what you created, share it, take a chance and let your creativity have fun!!! Inktober is a challenge for a reason. No matter how many days you get through, be proud of yourself for what you accomplish. Be Kind! Be patient and kind to yourself, have fun!! One month to challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone, don’t give up!!!

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