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Week 3: Keeping the Momentum Going!

We are approaching the end of Week 3 of Inktober and hope you are having a great time! Here are another trio of tips to help you as we approach the fourth week of the month!

1.) Get the most out of your prompt word:

If you have a prompt word, sometimes a literal translation of the word might not be the most engaging solution. You can incorporate the word as a theme or use the word in a different context. As an example, for Day ten: Cauldron, you could draw a cauldron, OR you can create a character that would use a cauldron (Witch, Warlock, Wizard, etc.)!

2.) Share it:

Making it is the fun part; sharing it is the exciting part! Be sure to post your work on your social media pages. You can post to your Instagram account, personal Facebook page, or artist page/website. Put them in an album and share that album in a FB group, or create your hashtags to make them more easily searchable. The options are numerous, with each yielding their results.

3.) Observe and Report:

As your Inktober entries begin to pile up, it’s important to go back and see how they are received! This approach is helpful to review what techniques you use and how your audience reacts to them. If you find some entries are getting more likes and reactions, those are the techniques and ideas you might want to think about expanding on for future projects!

Hopefully, these tips help! Stay tuned as we approach the last legs of Inktober, where we will be showcasing more insight from our Higgins Drawing Team, as well as advice on how to industrialize your Inktober series!

Inktober Mummy is cheering you on!
Day 14: Monster

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